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Miss Parker Manager
Check out the Miss Parker Manager page for more details on the features this tool.

Miss Parker Manager binary package for Windows - 1.3 - 2006-01-03 -> exe zip notes changes
Miss Parker Manager binary package for Linux - 1.3 - 2006-01-03 -> deb deb delay notes changes

Miss Parker Manager & AgALag & ALksim tutorial - February 2004.

The firmware is the piece of software running on the Miss Parker's microcontroller; it is equivalent to a certain extent to the BIOS from a PC. This software is therefore the heart of Miss Parker.

Miss Parker firmware - version 1.4 - 2006-01-22 -> zip notes

Source code
Here is the source code package corresponding to the binary package available above:
Miss Parker Manager source code package for Windows/Linux - 1.3 - 2006-01-03 -> zip targz notes changes

The source code of both the firmware and Miss Parker manager are available from Source Forge: Logo
For the firmware, please use "MissParker/Firmware" as module name.
For the Miss Manager, please use "MissParker/Manager" as module name.

Projects and effects
Projects and Effects can be found in the effects resource page.

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