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Miss Parker specification

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This page gives some more details about the Miss Parker specification.

Here is a high-level block diagram of the Miss:

Basic facts about the components used are:
  • Signal processing: Wavefront 3101 DSP (formerly Alesis Semiconductors)
  • AD/DA: Wavefront 1201 ADC and Wavefront 1202 DAC.
  • Control: Cypress EZ-USB micro-controller:
        1. 8051-core for its well-known architecture and tools availability.
        2. USB interface for communication with the PC.
        3. COM interface for MIDI and debugging purposes.
  • An EEPROM will be used to store the DSP application to allow stand-alone operation.
  • Two LEDs (including a bicolor one) will be used as status and peak information.
  • No battery is foreseen.

    The controller part will handle:
  • 5 A/D - 4 assignable potentiometers and 1 assignable expression pedal.
  • 2 Outputs - bicolor LED for effect status.
  • 1 Output - clipping LED. Peak detection will be handled by the DSP itself.
  • USB - interface from/to the PC using the HID class.
  • I˛C - communication with the EEPROM.
  • I˛C-like bus - serial DSP control
  • 1 Input - “external” switch i.e. on/off.

    An 8kB EEPROM contains the firmware for the micro-controller while a second one of 128kb contains the application and data memory for the DSP. Both are accessed through an I˛C bus.

    A combination of DAC + VCA allows to adapt the gain of the input and output stages so that they can work with a guitar, keyboard, ...

    First material
    These are "pictures" from a mechanical simulation of the device:

    These are some pictures of the 1st prototype based on an EZ-USB and an AL3101 evaluation boards.

    This prototype has been used to generate the phaser demo file. It can be found on the effect resources page.

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