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Wavefront Semiconductors: our provider of processing power (formerly Alesis Semiconductors).

Cypress Semiconductors: our provider of control power and USB connection.

Eurocircuits: our PCB provider.

Chimay: our fuel provider. Here's an example of how we use it to help the work spirit - Dalton, comparison and the glasses.

Brasserie du Bocq: another fuel provider.

wxWidgets: a multi-platform library providing all kind of functionalities.

PortAudio: a multi-platform audio streaming library.

The MIDIbox homepage: a great site about Do It Yourself Midi projects. Great stuff, great community, a must-see.

The Chameleon: a DSP music platform with professional applications such a synthesizer, multi-effects, ...

Wizardkind: the rock band of one of our members and of course user of the Miss Parker, enjoy their music...

Source Forge: last but not least, our source code archive, bug report system, release system...

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