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The VirtuAL3101 environment is aimed to be the Holy Grail of the AL3101 developer.

It allows the user to do the following things:
  • Assemble code made for the AL3101 – AlkAsm.
  • Disassemble object code for AL3101 – AlkDisasm.
  • Build a complete application from basic modules – AgALag.
  • Debug and simulate this code with the command-line simulator – AlkSim.
  • Making complete validation phase with the help of the scripting functionality.
  • Modify parameters on-the-fly and in the chip (no matter where the board comes from) so that a fine-tune or simply playing around is possible – AlkSliders.

    We call this tool suite VirtuAL3101. Most of the tools are in a reasonably stable state (except for the AlkSliders), that’s the reason why binary packages are available from this page. Source code packages will come in the near future.

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