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VirtuAL3101 binary packages

VirtuAL3101 binary package for Windows - version 1.4 2005-03-15 -> exe zip notes changes
VirtuAL3101 binary package for Linux version 1.4 - 2005-03-15 -> deb notes changes

VirtuAL3101 effect package - 2005-Jun-01 -> effects notes

VirtuAL3101 documentation

documentation 2003-Sep-14.
AgALag documentation 2003-Jun-06.
mkalproj documentation 2003-June-06.
AgALag assembly template - 2004-Apr-17
AgALag coding rules - 2004-Apr-17
AgALag & ALksim & Miss Parker Manager tutorial - February 2004.

VirtuAL3101 source code
Here is the source code package corresponding to the binary packages available above:

VirtuAL3101 source code package - version 1.4 2005-03-15 -> zip targz bz2 notes changes

The source code of VirtuAL3101 is available at Source Forge. Check out the "main" module to get the latest development code. Logo

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