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When playing electric guitar, it is most of the time needed to apply effects on the guitar sound. These effects can vary quite a lot and one can convince himself of this diversity by looking at the offer in this sector. The problem is often that a distortion pedal will not give an overdrive sound and will certainly not achieve the chorus functionality. As a consequence, the guitarist has to equip himself with a lot of those small pedals.

With the miniaturization and cost reduction of components like DSPs, it becomes possible to build an effect pedal working digitally i.e. on a DSP. This allows changing the functionality of the pedal with a simple download of a new application turning your distortion pedal into a brand new flanger pedal.

Miss Parker is aimed at being such a flexible digital effect pedal. It is made for being simple and easy to use as a normal pedal can be; it is definitely not targeting at competing with multi-effects in a rack.

Miss Parker is fully suited for the guitarist but also for other musicians as the potential of the device is only limited by the creativity of the developers and by the power of the DSP of course. Anyhow, it is perfectly able to replace multiple effect pedals.

Main features from Miss Parker are (see specifications for more details):
  • Stereo input and output with gain adaptation for guitars, keyboards, ...
  • Four potentiometers with assignable parameters, an expression pedal and of course an on/off switch control assignable parameters.
  • Download of application is made via USB. Control and tuning of parameters through USB is also possible.

    Three main classes of users can use Miss Parker:
  • Final users: they can use the Miss Parker Manager that helps them in handling the effects, assigning parameters and tuning these.
  • Applicant users: they can use AgALag to build an effect chain using effect modules.
  • Effect developers: they can use the complete VirtuAL3101 tool suite to build effect modules.

    The development has been split in three phases:
  • Hardware: the complete device is up and running with only very few patches needed.
  • Firmware: most of the firmware functionality is done, mainly MIDI support should be added.
  • Software: a project manager is available. It still needs some work but is already usable for loading projects, assigning parameters and tuning the effects.

    We have completed the "production" of the first batch of 5 pedals and we all enjoy our devices ;=) and we are currently working on improving the project manager and extending our effect "portfolio".

    These are some pictures of the Miss Parker:

    And also some pictures of the Miss Parker in action:

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